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Weekly News From the Club

Weekly News from the Club

News for the Upcoming Week & Beyond

4th of July Lunch Specials for Pool & Snack Window Service
Call 720-235-1816 to place your order for pool service or go to the snack window in person!

The Administration Office will be closed Friday 7/3 in observance of the 4th of July

The Eagle's Nest Restaurant is open for reservations!  Call 303.693.7788 to place your reservations.
We are also continuing Carry Out food from the Eagle's Nest Restaurant.  Call 720.235.1816 to place your credit card order.
Below are the menus for both Dine In and Carry Out.


Summer Drink Special in the Eagle's Nest Restaurant!

Kir and Kir Royale

Kir Recipe:
3 oz. Wycliffe, 1/3 oz. Crème de Cassis.  Garnished with lemon peel - $5

Kir Royale Recipe:
5oz. Aligoté wine, 1/4 oz. Chambord.  Garnished with lemon peel - $6

If you're on Facebook, you're invited to like and follow the new Facebook page just for residents!  Keep up to date with everything happening at and around the Club today.
CLICK HERE to go to the Page.  Please make sure you are logged into Facebook to Like and Follow and see updates to the Page as they happen.
A reminder that facemasks are required to enter the Clubhouse.  Reservations are required for the Eagle's Nest Restaurant and Patio, Fitness Rooms and Pools.

Ok Bocce fans, we're finally starting the 2020 Bocce Summer League.  This will be an abbreviated Bocce league of six weeks.  We anticipate a more normal Fall league later this year.  Please see the information below regarding league instructions.

2020 Summer Leagues
July 7th to August 13th

In order to provide a safe environment, please review the following procedures
  • Two teams on each court with the possibility of three teams on courts 1 and 4
  • Everyone must have a partner.  Players will have the same partner for all six weeks
  • Each team will pick up their own ball color.  Players throwing red will pick up red and green will pick up green.  No touching other team's color
  • No measuring cups will be used.  If it's close, use your best judgment.  If it's a tie, no point
  • Designate one person to keep score with the pegs
  • Each league will have a monitor.  Monitor will disinfect the pegs and assign the courts
  • Disinfectant will be furnished to clean balls before and after play.  Each team will clean their color
  • Gloves and masks are strongly encouraged
  • Each team needs to stay at their end of the court.  Social distancing is key
  • Signed waiver may be required if HOA mandates it
  • Twenty people will be max at courts (see the first point above)
League Days and Times
Tuesday Morning Pairs - 9am
Tuesday Evening Pairs - 6:30pm
Wednesday Morning Women's Pairs - 9am
Wednesday Evening Pairs - 5pm and 7pm
Thursday Morning Men's Pairs - 9am
Thursday Evening Pairs - 6:30pm

Casual play is also available on non-league days and times

As always, watch the weekly e-blast for updates and additional information on future BOCCE events.  BE SAFE!  Hope to see you on the courts next week!
For questions or concerns, contact Sharon Armstrong at 303-766-1791 or
►► ►►►►►►    ATTENTION ALL BLOOD DONORS   ►► ►►►►►►

We are hopeful that we can resume our blood drives in our Clubhouse for the planned August 14th drive.  Please mark your calendars if you think you can help with this widespread need, and watch for Friday eblasts as we navigate the possibility of a Community blood drive in August.  Please see the article about blood donation in our July news magazine, when it arrives, for additional details.

Blood and plasma donations are still needed.  The closest Vitalant donation site to HEBGC is located at 10259 S. Parker Road, Suite 104, Parker, Colorado 80134.  You MUST make an appointment so that the number of donors at any one time can be managed by staff.  Call 303.363.2300.

(To speed up the intake process, you may complete your FastTrack form online on the day of your appointment.  For questions, contact Cheryl Reimer at 303.210.0602 or June Goddard at 303.549.9739.

AARP is extending their special 25% off discount for Smart Driver course participants who may not be able renew their car insurance discount due to in-person course cancellations.
Go to and enter the promo code for 25% discount: DRIVINGSKILLS (Good through December 31, 2020)
The speed limit throughout HEBGC is 25 mph.  Please drive carefully!
Just a reminder that children under six (6) years of age are NOT permitted to ride on golf carts.  Carts may be operated by anyone (16) years of age or older, providing that person has a valid driver's license.
Please observe these rules for everyone's safety.
If you know someone having trouble signing into the website, receiving eblasts from the Club or logging into the resident tee time and/or Golf Genius systems please share these notes below:
  • Receiving eblasts from the Club Part 1:  If you are not seeing our eblasts in your inbox, please look in any junk or spam folders in your email program and email service for our emails.  If you see our emails in those folders, select the emails and then select not junk or not spam.  This will tell your email program and service you want emails from us to go into your inbox.  Additionally, you can "whitelist" the email addresses below in your email program and service.  Our email addresses are and  To learn how to "whitelist" email addresses in your particular email program and service, please CLICK HERE.
  • Receiving eblasts from the Club Part 2 If you are not seeing our eblasts in your inbox, your email address might not be in the new database due to the database transfer.  Please contact Jeff Lambert at to see if your email address is in the system.  Jeff will email you back with pertinent information on your status.
  • Website login: In April, we launched a new website and logins from the previous website will not work.  You should have received an email at launch with links to create a new password and update your profile.  To get a temporary password, please contact Jeff Lambert at  Jeff will email you back with a temporary password.  When logging in, your email address is now your username.  Once you are logged in, you can then edit your profile and change your password if you like.
  • Logging into the resident tee time system and/or Golf Genius Logins for the resident tee time system and Golf Genius (HEBGC golf leagues) are separate from the login for the website.  Please contact the golf pros in the golf shop as they are the administrators on those systems.  303.400.6700


Alison O'Connor, Horticulture Extension Agent, Larimer County
John Murgel, Horticulture Extension Agent, Douglas County
Colorado State University Extension


This past winter and spring have been challenging for trees along the Front Range.  Our very cold October 2019 "first frost", a largely dry winter and another damaging freeze in mid-April have taken their toll on both evergreens and deciduous trees.  Many evergreens are brown in whole or in sections; some deciduous trees have not leafed out or only have leaves on a few branches.
Even if your tree looks dead, it may be able to recover given time.  Check the twigs; if they are pliable and supple then the tree may be able to set new buds and grow new leaves.  The most important factor at this state is stress-mitigation.  This means, primarily, watering!  Make sure your trees are getting adequate water through the growing season and winter-water this coming winter during dry periods.  Although it's a tempting and often-proposed solution, do not fertilize your trees if they are stressed.  Dead branches can be removed, but do not cut into living tissue-this can be difficult to determine the present circumstance.
Remember that trees operate "in the long-term," and any new growth this year will be generated from stored energy. You'll have to mitigate stress and give a little extra TLC for two to three years to bring your tree's health safely out of the woods.

Summary of our weather

  • We had a "mini" polar vortex in mid-October, where temperatures dropped into the low teens from the 80's.  We very quickly warmed up again, then dropped to 3 degrees F.

  • We had the driest January on record since 2003

  • In the beginning of February, we had a high of 75 degrees with a nighttime temperature of -15.

  • On Easter weekend, April 11-12, we had a temperature swing of 55 degrees; from 70 to 15.

  • On April 15-16, we had another roller coaster drop of 35 degrees, reaching lows again in the teens.

  • It's been a very dry spring, overall

Trees Not Leafing Out

  • This affecting various species-ash, honeylocust, fruit trees, catalpa, maples and others.

  • The buds probably froze on these trees during the April freezing weather.  The leaves were starting to unfurl and those cold temperatures zapped them.

  • Some trees will be able to push new growth and some will not.  You will have to wait to see.

  • A lot will depend on the tree's previous stressors and if it has enough resources to do this--it's going to be very stressful to the tree to set new buds and push growth.  It will use a lot of the tree's stored resources.

  • Avoid additional stress like pruning or fertilization.  Continue with regular watering.  Trees usually set the buds for next year in the summer.  Monitor and hope for the best.

  • You may ask:  But there's a row of ____ trees and two look great and others look dead.  Why?  Well, it comes down to the genetics of the tree and the tree's overall health.  Kind of like how some people always get colds, while others never do.

  • Again, it's a wait and see.  I think it's too soon to make the decision to remove them or not.  Remember--it's only June!

Evergreen Browning

  • Many evergreens are looking poorly.  Pines experienced worse winter damage than normal and may have bleached-brown needles.  Yews, Arborvitae, and some junipers are brown either in whole or in part.

  • Again, it's linked to temperature--it got very cold when trees were not prepared to be that cold.  Ordinarily cold temperatures come on a bit more gradually, allowing the trees to complete physiological changes that protect them from extreme cold.

  • It was a really dry winter!  This only added to the stress of the trees.

  • Consider species selection--arborvitae and yew are not species that are recommended for Colorado.  These are eastern species that prefer higher moisture and humidity.  While there are some beautiful specimens, many start to fail.  Junipers are a much better option.

  • Will these plants recover?  Maybe.  Foliage that is still brown/orange will likely die; like the deciduous trees, the hope is they will set buds for next year this summer.  It will take a few years for evergreens to "mask" the damage.  Many native pines have already pushed out "candles" of fresh green needles.


The Residential Improvement Guidelines and Aurora City Ordinances requires at least one (1) tree in the treescape of each residential lot at a spacing of 30’.  The only type of tree allowed in the treescape area are shade trees of 2 ½” caliper. In addition, the following should be noted:
  1. All residence’s property lines extend from the rear yard to the back of the concrete curbing at the street. Homeowners own and are responsible for the maintenance of their sidewalks and treescapes.
  2. Treescapes must remain Kentucky Bluegrass and have a tree planted every 30 feet.  If a tree dies in the treescape, it must be replaced in a timely manner at the expense of the owner.  Note:  some Xeriscaping is allowed by submitting a written request to the AAC.
To bring your lot into compliance, a Shade Tree(s) of 2½” caliper must be planted in the treescape. The following trees have been pre-approved for planting in the treescape area:
  • Locust, Shade Master
  • Locust, Sunburst
  • Maple, Autumn Blaze
  • Oak, Shumard
  • Linden, Green Spire
The following trees are not allowed to be planted on any Lot within the HEGBC Community:   Ash, Aspen, Cottonwood, Russian Olive, and Weeping Willow. 

Replacement of the Treescape / Tree Lawn Tree is an Administrative Approval through  the Admin Office, see instructions below:

Submittal Checklist:
  • Email photo of existing treelawn / treescape tree to Diane at
  • Include the type of tree you will be replacing it with from the list above
  • Diane will respond to email with approval to proceed as “maintenance”
  • Email photo of completed tree planting


Prior to the beginning any exterior improvement project, please contact the Admin Office for the forms and additional information needed for your submittal to the Architectural Advisory Committee.  The forms and information can be obtained by emailing Diane at

Let's all stay safe during this time.  As such, there are several ways to pay the monthly dues.

One is to mail the coupons and checks directly to MSI at the following address:
P.O. BOX 173307
DENVER, CO 80217-3307

Another is by signing up for ACH (Auto Pay) through the Admin office by emailing
to receive the form.
WHO AND WHAT:  The Lamplighters are resident volunteers who will change exterior lights for residents who are unable to change their own.  Specifically, the Lamplighters will change:
  • Lamp post and garage lights for Traditions and Village residents
  • Only lamp posts lights for residents in single family homes.
Please check that the GFI circuit (normally on an electrical outlet just inside the garage door) has not been tripped before you call about a post light.  On most HEB homes, the GFI circuit provides power to the post light and can only be reset at night when the garage lights are on.  If you have any questions about the Lamplighters or your lights, please call Jerry Gossner at 303.680.5946.
If your post light or garage lights (for Traditions and Village residents) are not working, please call the HEBGC Welcome Desk at 303.693.7788 and one of our volunteers will come and replace the bulbs.

Much information is found on the Resident Only side of the website.  If you are re-financing or selling, it will be required of you to obtain the HEBGC Community Financials and Guidelines that are on the Resident side.  If you are new to the Community, there is a great deal of information that will be helpful to you.  Don't Wait!  Get logged on today.
Your username is your email on the new website.  Password must be at least 10 characters long and include an uppercase letter, a lowercase letter and a number.
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