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What is Heritage Eagle Bend?

Heritage Eagle Bend is an age-restricted, active adult community with many amenities including an 18-hole public golf course and a Clubhouse with indoor / outdoor pools, restaurant, fitness facility, billiards, lounge area and meeting rooms. Our community is made up of three (3) types of homes: single-family, duplexes, and townhomes. All homes are part of the Master Association. There are 1442 homes in HEB.

Single-Family Homes: Single-family homes (SFH) make up the majority of residences here in the community. Residents in these homes belong to the Master Association. They are responsible for maintaining their own insurance, landscape, snow pushing, and other regular upkeeping.

Duplexes (Traditions): Duplexes consist of two (2) homes connected by a common wall. Residents in these homes belong to the Master Association and Traditions Eagle Bend Sub-Association. Certain maintenance tasks are completed by the Traditions, including maintenance of builder-installed landscape, snow pushing and house painting. Residents must insure their home like SFH with full coverage insurance—Traditions maintains no insurance on individual properties and has no common areas. Traditions is self-managed by a Board of Directors. There are a few stand-alone duplexes as well. There are 371 duplexes.

Townhomes (Villages): Townhomes consist of tri-, four-, six-and a few 7-plexes separated by common walls. Residents in these homes belong to the Master Association and Villages Sub-Association. Certain maintenance tasks are completed by the Villages including maintenance of builder-installed landscape, snow pushing, and house paint. Residents are to insure their home with a “walls-in” policy as the Villages maintains insurance on the exterior of the house. Villages is self-managed by a Board of Directors. There are 241 townhomes.

What is a Community Association / Homeowners Association (HOA)?

A Community Association is a non-profit corporation managed by an elected Board of Directors in accordance with their governing documents: CC&R’s, Bylaws, & Articles of Incorporation. The purpose of the Community Association is to preserve, maintain, and enhance the Community.

What is an “Active Adult Community”?

Heritage Eagle Bend was originally founded as a “55+” community. During the housing downturn, the governing documents were amended to allow persons between the ages of 45 & 54 to purchase inside the community. Persons over the age of 19 may live here as long as an age qualified individual is also a full-time resident of the property. No one under 18 may reside in HEB.

Orientation / Registration

All new Homeowner’s are required to complete a New Homeowner Orientation following the closing. Please contact Diane Langley, Community Manager, to set up an appointment at (720) 235-1826 or Homeowners will need to bring their ID’s and the Warranty Deed from the Closing Documents. This step is required to maintain our Age Restriction and is also a great way to learn all about the Heritage Eagle Bend Golf Club Community! Much Community information is provided to make your move in easier. Realtors, please remind your clients of this important step.

Can my grandkids visit me?

While Heritage Eagle Bend is age restricted, guests 18 and under may still visit with the following restrictions: 1) kids may only visit for a total of 90 days out of a 365-day year and 2) kids may stay a maximum of six (6) weeks in a row, at a time. Example: Grandkids may visit for six (6) weeks during the summer time, three (3) weeks over fall break, and spend the rest of the allowed time (3–4 days) over the winter holidays. Additionally, there are certain times during the day when underage guests may use the clubhouse facilities, usually in the afternoon, accompanied by a resident. Please contact the Clubhouse Welcome Desk at (303) 693-7788 or to find out the specific hours for any individual day.

What are the Governing Documents and how can they be obtained?

There are two (2) ways to obtain the governing documents. 1) Documents can be obtained through for a fee. 2) Documents can be obtained from the seller. Failure to follow any of the governing documents may result in a fine.

CC&R’s: The Covenants, Conditionals, and Restrictions (CC&R’s) / Declarations are recorded by the County recorder’s office and are automatically included in the property title. These documents outline the requirements and limitations of the property.

Bylaws: The Bylaws provide the framework for administration and management of the Community Association. This includes terms, offices, and duties of the Master Board of Directors, voting rights, meeting, and other items necessary to run the Association.

Articles of Incorporation: Documents filed with the government to legally create a corporation; in this case, the Community Association is the corporation.

Rules & Regulations: The Rules & Regulations are established to help keep the community, clubhouse, and other recreational facilities clean and accessible to all residents.

Resolutions: Resolutions are formal statements regarding an Association’s policies. All Heritage Eagle Bend’s resolutions are compiled into one (1) list for ease of review.

Residential Improvement Guidelines (RIGS): The Residential Improvement Guidelines outline the architectural standards of the community. All exterior projects / improvements must be submitted and approved prior to installation. Fines can be assessed for projects undertaken without approval.

What is the Board of Directors?

The Board of Directors is made up of volunteer residents elected every April. Per the governing documents, the Board operates on behalf of the property owners by implementing policies, standards, procedure and develops the annual budget. HEB is comprised of a Master Board of Directors and two (2) Sub-Associations. Traditions (duplexes) and Villages (townhomes) have their own elected Board of Directors and are self-managed by their Boards.

Is there also a management company for HEB?

Yes, OB Sports specializes in club and golf management. They were contracted by the HEB Master Board of Directors to manage the day-to-day operations of the Clubhouse, Golf Course and HOA, at the direction of the Master Board of Directors, with an on-site General Manager, Community Manager, Assistant Community Manager, Administrative Assistant, Controller and Accounting Assistant in the Administration Building and a full club, golf, restaurant, landscape and snow pushing staff. OB Sports’ corporate office is located in Phoenix, AZ.

MSI is the third-party accounting firm who collects the monthly assessments, see For Realtors and Prospective Residents on the website at under the About Us tab for more information on MSI, status letters, closing fees, transfer fees, etc.

When does the Board meet and can I attend the meeting?

The Board generally meets on a monthly basis to discuss ongoing issues and perform regular business duties such as approving minutes and financials. The Board also has regular work sessions. These meetings are open to the public and the meeting times are posted in the monthly newsletter. Traditions (duplexes) and Villages (townhomes) meet quarterly.

What are Assessments?

Assessments are the Homeowner’s mandatory financial obligation to the Community Association. These are collected monthly and cover operating expenses of common area items such as the Clubhouse, golf course, community trash and recycling, and snow pushing, etc. They also provide for reserve funds for replacements or upgrades to common facilities in upcoming years. Failure to pay assessments may result in facilities and voting privileges being revoked until the account is made current.

Will the Assessments go up?

As the budget is developed annually, the assessments have the potential to change every year. Assessments are determined by many factors including Reserve Fund contributions and cost of services, as well as inflation. As a result, the rates may fluctuate to reflect these factors. The Board works hard to try to keep the assessments as low as possible and still provide the services and amenities HEB residents enjoy.

What happens if I don’t pay my Assessments?

Assessments are the basis for a Community Association budget. Heritage Eagle Bend is dependent on timely receipt of assessments from each property owner. Late payments will result in late fees. For property owners who continue to be delinquent, the HOA has the right to withhold facility and voting privileges and can turn the account over to the attorney for collection of assessments. The homeowner is responsible for all late fees, interest, lien filing fees, attorney’s fees and court costs.

What are Committees and how can I get involved?

Committees are groups of homeowners, chosen by the Board of Directors, who analyze issues and make recommendations to assist the Board. Currently, there are six (6) standing committees: Architectural Advisory Committee (AAC), Emergency Preparedness Committee (EPC), Facilities & Grounds (F&G), Finance Advisory Committee (FAC), Golf Advisory Committee (GAC), and Legal & Compliance Committee (L&G). Committee meetings are open to the public. The dates and times for all meetings are included in the monthly newsletter. Any resident in good standing is welcome to apply to be on a committee. The application process usually starts in August and concludes in September. The new Committee terms typically start in October.

Do I need approval to do exterior changes?

Any exterior improvement / change needs approval from the Architectural Advisory Committee (AAC) prior to any work being performed. Changes that are completed without prior approval may be required to be removed or corrected and / or fined. Payment of any fine does not relieve the homeowner from the responsibility of completing the application for AAC review and approval, and possible remediation.

Please note: Sub-Associations may have additional conditions / requirements in place. All submittals for houses in Sub-Associations are also sent to and reviewed and approved by a representative of that Sub-Association.

Fences: Heritage Eagle Bend was designed with an open concept in mind. Fences and small pet enclosures are allowed with pre-approval and per the following restrictions: “The maximum height of any fence is 42 inches from the existing grade (42”)…The fence may enclose a maximum of 200 square feet of yard area.” (RIGS—Fences)

Satellite Dish: In compliance with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Rule and per the RIGS, satellite dishes require prior approval to installation. The preferred location is as out of sight as possible. In the Villages (townhomes) Sub-Association, mounting the satellite dish on the ground as opposed to the roof is preferred. Villages residents who choose to install the dish on the roof will be required to sign a waiver acknowledging they are responsible for any damages that occur due to installation.

RV / Parking Restrictions

RVs are allowed temporarily within the community, subject to restrictions. Residents may park up to forty-eight (48) hours on the street in front of their home for loading and unloading. If additional time is required, residents may park in the designated parking area for an additional forty-eight (48) hours with a parking permit. Permits can be obtained from the Clubhouse and Administration Office. Please note: “Jumping” between the two locations is not allowed. Residents may park once in front of their house and once in the Clubhouse for each occasion the vehicle will be in the community.

Street Parking: Cars may park on the street during daylight hours but must be moved at night and when inclement weather is forecasted. This will allow our crew to clear the roads of snow. As a general rule of thumb, please park your vehicles in your garage or driveway, if you have one. Note: Villages does not have driveways, they are Fire Lanes and only used for ingress and egress to the garages. See below.

Driveway Parking: Parking in the driveway is allowed during the day and overnight at residences that have private drive (single-family / duplexes (Traditions). No parking of any kind is allowed in the shared driveways of the townhomes (Villages). These are fire lanes and must be kept open.

Guest / Visitor Parking: Guest / Visitor parking spaces are in multiple places throughout the community for daytime visitors and guests staying forty-eight (48) hours or less. Additional / overflow parking may be found in your driveway (if allowed) or at the clubhouse for an additional forty-eight (48) hours with a parking permit obtained from the Clubhouse or Administration Office.

Reporting Violations

One of the advantages of living in a “covenant protected” community is having guidelines for maintaining the community’s aesthetic, continuity and architectural integrity. The HOA Administration, on behalf of the Association, inspects the community on a regular basis and notifies residents of violations. Reports of specific violations can be submitted to the Administration Office and will be handled accordingly.

Snow Pushing

No cars are allowed to be parked on the street when inclement weather is forecasted. Communications regarding snow pushing will be sent out by E-Blast and updated on the Snow Line: (303) 343-3063. The Snow Line is a recorded message only.

Master Association: The Master Association provides snow pushing services on the roads and sidewalks on a storm-by-storm basis.

Duplexes (Traditions): The Traditions Sub-Association provides snow pushing services on driveways and on the sidewalk leading to the front door. This service is provided through Brightview. Communications regarding snow pushing will be sent out by E-Blast and updated on the Snow Line: (303) 343-3063. The Snow Line is a recorded message only.

Townhomes (Villages): The Villages Sub-Association provides snow pushing services on driveways and on the sidewalk leading to the front door. This service is provided through SaBell’s. Communications regarding snow pushing will be sent out by E-Blast and updated on the Snow Line: (303) 343-3063. The Snow Line is a recorded message only.

Single-Family Homes: Residents living in single-family homes are expected to take care of their own snow. The City of Aurora requires snow to be cleared from sidewalks twenty-four (24) hours after snowfall (after the snow stops) or forty-eight (48) hours after a snow emergency. There is no requirement to remove the snow on your driveway or leading up to your front door so residents who live elsewhere during the winter are not required to arrange snow removal services. However, a snowy driveway is a clear indicator for unscrupulous individuals that the home is empty and, as such, we recommend hiring outside help.

Trash & Recycling

Trash and recycling services are included as part of the mandatory Master Association dues. Trash day is everything Thursday and Recycle day is every other Thursday and this service is provided by Waste Connections of Colorado. During holidays and inclement weather, pickup services may be delayed one day. E-Blasts will be sent out notifying residents of the delay. You can also sign up to receive updates directly from Waste Connections by calling (303) 288-2100.

For additional HOA information, please contact the Community Manager, Diane Langley at or (720) 235-1826.

Thank you for choosing Heritage Eagle Bend Golf Club as your home!

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