Executive Chef TV Series

Executive Chef TV Series

What's Cookin' With G!

An inside look into the world of Executive Chef Giovanni Lanzante as he shows you how to prepare some excellent dishes from scratch including ones that are right here served everyday from the Eagle's Nest Restaurant at Hertiage Eagle Bend Golf Club.  You will have an opportunity to learn and see how much time and energy is spent to make the best possible food, in a healthy and deliciously tasting way.

Episode 4 - Branzino

Episode 3 - Thanksgiving Edition

Episode 2 - Italian Dessert Zabaglione

Watch Chef execute a beautiful dessert that you can prepare in just minutes with only 4 ingredients!

Episode 1 - Handmade Pasta

In this first segment, Chef walks you through the making of pasta from scratch.  He touches on both how to do it by hand and with a Kitchen-Aid mixer.  The results are fantastic!
*The audio is a bit soft on this recording and you may have to turn up your volume a bit.  We will have a microphone on him next time for a perfectly clean sound!