Weekly News from the Club

Weekly News from the Club

News for the Upcoming Week & Beyond

Join us for a true German feast, three beer stations, two German wines, live German music by the Rhinelanders (they were so much fun last year!), stein hoisting contest with prizes and more!

Tickets $40 per person (tax and gratuity included)
Tickets on Sale Now at the Welcome Desk

5 Beers & 2 German Wines
Unlimited beer stations with Samuel Adams, Paulaner, and Aurora's Bent Barley Brewing.  Unlimited wine featuring Peter Mertes Riesling and Liesl Pinot Noir

Pretzel Bites with beer cheese dip
Iceberg salad with ham, onion, tomato, cucumber, swiss cheese, herb cider vinaigrette
Bratwurst & knockwurst cooked in Pilsner beer with red cabbage and horseradish
Jägerschnitzel (Hunter Schnitzel with mushroom gravy, breaded pork cutlets)
Sauerkraut with caraway seeds
German apple crumble

Tickets $95 per person (tax and gratuity included)
Tickets on Sale, Monday, September 16 at 8:00am at the Welcome Desk

8 prizes at the end of the night. Winners will be randomly selected.

Wine selection:

First Course: Stag’s Leap Sauvignon Blanc

Second: Stag’s Leap, Viognier

Third: Stag’s Leap, Merlot

Fourth: Stag’s Leap Petite Syrah (this is what put them on the map)

Fifth: The Investor, Red Blend

Enjoy the arts and crafts of local vendors & start your holiday shopping.
Visit the Eagle's Nest Restaurant after your shopping spree!!

For more information, please contact
Josh Keim

Golf Tournaments at HEBGC
September 21 - LPGA Amateurs
September 21 - Joe Little
October 14 - PGA Section Fall Meeting
October 19 - RMJGT
October 20 - Mear Group Outing

Speed Radar on E. Heritage Parkway
Total Vehicle Count - 3583
Number of Speed Limit Violations - 1359
Average Speed - 20mph

New 4-way Stop:


Very soon, there will be a new 4-way stop sign added at the intersection of Heritage Pkwy / Canyon / Quemoy on the Clubhouse (West) side of the community. 


This is in response to a Safety Review by the Emergency Preparedness Committee (EPC) and presentation to the Master Board.


Thank you for all those involved in this project!

Attention HEBGC Fitness Center Users

Attention, HEB Rockies Fans:

Our group ticket price this season will be an incredible $11! There will be a $1 charge per ticket for processing and handling in 2019.
Our Rockies' Senior Day schedule:
Wednesday Sept 18 Mets, 1:10
Sunday, Sept 29  Brewers, 1:10
Tickets in Sections 144-147, $12 each--on 3B side; $25 tickets available in Sec. 142-143
Feel free to share this information with other baseball/Rockies fans and let me hear from you **by phone, text or email** with game selections, questions or suggestions.
Consider purchasing Rockies tickets for your friends, children, grandkids or, hey, for yourself! What a great bargain for 2019 family fun!
Ed McKee 
Note: For just $5.25 round trip (senior fare) and $3.20 (youth--ages 6 to 19), you can take RTD 'light rail' from Lincoln Station (in Parker) on the E Line to Union Station, just a short walk from Coors Field. Consider it...RTD is an excellent option!

EXCITING NEWS! We have some dates for our next Season of Plays.
Just be aware , if we do not sell at least 10 tickets per show ,
 the ticket prices could increase.
Jesus Christ Superstar November 30th - Price $54.45 • Signup By Sept 20th
Dr. Seuss How the Grinch stole Xmas Dec 7th - Price $49.50 • Signup by Sep 27th
Manheim Steamroller Christmas Chip Dec 14th - Price $57.42 • Signup by October 11th
Escape to Margaritaville Dec 28th - Price $49.50 -Sign up By October 18th
 The Improvised Shakespeare  Galleria Jan 26th  $41.80 sign up by Nov 22nd
The Donna  Summer musical Feb 8th  $54.45 signup by Dec 6th  
Rent Feb 29th  $54.45 sign up by Dec 20th
The Sponge Bob musical March 14th  $49.50 sign up by Jan 3rd
Mean girls April 4th  $59.50 sign up by Jan 30th
 Lion King May 16th  $82.50 Sign up by March 6th
The Book of Mormon June 13th  $60.48  sign up by April 3rd
My fair lady July 18th $54.45 sign up by May 8th
The Band's Visit Aug 1st $54.45 sign up by May 22nd
Signups and checks made out to DCPA In the Cultural Book at the Clubhouse at the Front Desk
thank you Donna Musciano and Marcia Neves

"Veterans, Veteran's Spouses and Surviving Spouses are invited to an informal gathering in the Antero Room  at the Clubhouse on Friday 27 September from 0900 - 1030.  Coffee and ice water will be provided by HEBGC Management and other refreshments will also be available.  Bring a friend, bring a spouse.  There is no agenda, but a chance to catch up and share thoughts, potential problems and solutions, and tell a war story or two.  Bring your own steel pots and flak jackets if necessary.

Payment due at time of Registration (CASH/CHECK ONLY)Golf Cart Stickers
Did you know that if you drive your personal golf cart during golf play, that your cart must display a sticker on the windshield?  There are two colors of stickers but both indicate that your cart is registered with the pro shop and you have provided proof of insurance.  One sticker indicates you also bought a yearly trail fee and the other is for the occasional golfer who pays the trail fee when golfing.  If your cart does not have a sticker, the staff may ask you to pay the $16.00 cart fee and take an HEB cart for play until you have registered your cart and provided proof of insurance. 

HEBGC Management

WHO AND WHAT: The Lamplighters are resident volunteers who will change exterior lights for residents who are unable to change their own. Specifically, the Lamplighters will change:
  1. Lamp post and garage lights for Traditions and Village residents.
  2. Only lamp post lights for residents in single family homes.
If your post light or garage lights (for Traditions and Village residents) are not working, you can call the HEB Welcome Desk and one of our volunteers will come and replace the bulbs. Please check that the GFI circuit (normally on an electrical outlet just inside the garage door) has not been tripped before you call about a post light. On most HEB homes, the GFI circuit provides power to the post light and can only be reset at night when the garage lights are on. If you have any questions about the Lamplighters or your lights, please call Jerry Gossner at (303) 680-5946.

Please contact the Welcome Desk at 303-693-7788 to request bulb replacement.


Did You Know?  HOA tips:
Speeding:  The speed limit throughout HEB is 25 MPH.
Dog Doo:   It is important to pick up immediately after your pet.  Please ensure the bags are put in a trash can and not down the sewer drains. 
Dogs on Leash:  Dogs must be leashed whenever outside.   Limit of 3 dogs per household, as we follow the City of Aurora Rules & Regulations. 
Age Restriction:  No one under 19 may reside in HEB.  This is mandated by State and Federal agencies. 
Guest Policy:  Guests may visit for 6 weeks in a row and for no more than 90 days in a year. 
New occupants:  If family or a roommate is moving in with you, please bring them to the Admin Office to register them as residing at your home.  Please have them bring their ID.  See Age Restriction above.
Golf Course:  The Golf course if for golfing only.  There is to be no walking, or jogging on it, no dogs, no dogs off leash, nor putting & pitching on your own.  We appreciate everyone’s help in keeping the Golf course for Golfing.
Landscape:  Please take a look around your home to see if yard care is needed and take care of it right away.  Keep HEB looking beautiful!
Lamp Posts:  Lightbulbs can be replaced by calling the Welcome Desk (303-693-7788) and asking to be put on the Lamplighters list.  The Lamplighters are a fantastic volunteer group who will change your lightbulbs for you, if needed.  If you change your own bulbs, please use the soft white lights.
Lamp Post Glass:  You can order new glass at the Welcome Desk.  Its costs $10 for the glass with a $5 installation fee and will take about 48 hours to complete.  Contact the Welcome Desk at 303-93-7788 or email welcomedesk@heritageeaglebend.com
Lamp Post replacements:  New lanterns can be purchased at both Home Depot and Lowes on their websites.  On both sites, the lanterns are $151. The exact model is called “Progress Lighting P5461-46 Mission 1 Light Post Lantern”.
Lamp Post painting:  The paint for the Lamp Post is a Rustoleum product called Rusty Metal Primer and can be found in most hardware stores. 
Mailboxes:  New mailboxes can be purchased for $45 through the Administration office or you can purchase the mailboxes on your own through one of the hardware stores.  Please be sure it is the “Gibraltar Industries Elite Mailbox Model: #E1100G00” in the color green.
Mailbox Posts Stain:  The stain for the mailbox posts is a Sherwin Williams semi-transparent stain called “SW 3512 Cider Mill”.
Mailbox paint touch up:  Instead of buying a whole new mailbox, take a paint chip of the mailbox  to your local paint store and have them do a paint match. They’ll be able to whip up the correct paint to match the mailboxes.
Mailbox Repairs:  If the lamp post or mailboxes are leaning, check out the handymen who advertise in the newsletter for repair costs and have it repaired.
Mail Box Numbers:  Mail box replacement numbers can be purchased online.  Per the RIGS 2.55 on page 31:  Mailboxes must have the home address in 1½ to 2 inches high white reflective vinyl numbers attached to the front lid.  These are available at office supply and hardware stores.  Owners are responsible for maintaining readable numbers.  This is helpful for First Responders
Address Numbers:  Approval is required to change the numbers as installed by the builder.  The 
original numbers can be changed to ones similar in style to any of the numbers or plaques used
by any of the original builders.  A plaque does not have to be used.  Reflective numbers may be used if they are manufactured by Hillman Group as used by the Village and Traditions Sub Association homes.  If not reflective, the size of the numbers shall be 4-5” inches in height and made out of metal in a color contrasting to the house.  The location of the address numbers can be as originally installed, over the garage door, or on a trim board next to the garage.
Approval is required if requesting to illuminate the house number with an additional light source. 
Solar powered lighted address signs installed at ground level require prior approval.  The maximum dimensions are 12” tall x 16” wide x 2” deep.

Yard Art:  Approval is required for ALL yard art.  Yard art, figurines, or lawn ornaments need to be submitted to the AAC for approval.  This includes, but is not limited to fountains, statues, arches, windmills, whirly gigs or spinners, wagons, wagon wheels, mirror balls, path lights, bird baths, pots, potted plants, etc.  
Exterior Improvements:  ALL exterior improvements must be submitted for through the AAC.  Contact the Admin Office for forms at LMiranowski@heritageeaglebend.com or KKluza@heritageeaglebend.com
Repainting?  Please submit the AAC forms, a photo of existing house colors, and turn into the Admin Office either in person or via email to LMiranowski@heritageeaglebend.com
Reroofing?  Please submit the AAC forms, a photo of existing house colors, and turn into the Admin Office either in person or via email to LMiranowski@heritageeaglebend.com
Thank you in advance for following these HEB covenants!

Logging Onto the Website
Much information is found on the Member Only side of the website.  If you are re-financing or selling, it will be required of you to obtain the HEBGC Community Financials and Guidelines that are on the Member side.  If you are new to the Community, there is a great deal of information there that will be helpful to you.  Don't Wait!  Get logged on today!
Email Jeff Lambert with a username and password (case sensitive) you would like to use at jlambert@heritageeaglebend.com