Monday Mulligan Video Series

Monday Mulligan Video Series

Monday Mulligan Video Series

Join Heritage Eagle Bend Golf Club's PGA Pros as they give you tips for your game, PGA rule changes, and more!
In the latest Monday Mulligan, Jason Franke gives four tips on how to hit a ball with an uneven lie.

In thIs Monday Mulligan, PGA pro Jason Franke shows you how the angle of your swing and club face determines where the ball will go and how to learn to be your own coach when you practice.

2019 PGA Rule Change.  In this Monday Mulligan, Jason Franke talks about the new options for when your ball lands in a penalty area.  Watch the video below

In this Monday Mulligan, Jason Franke goes over some golf cart etiquette pointers for around the course.  

In this Monday Mulligan, Head Golf Pro Jason Franke gives you tips on how to improve your chipping and take strokes off your game.  Jason's tips work so well he even surprised himself (make sure to watch the whole video below!).

PGA Pro Craig Hatch shows you a technique to better align your body to improve shot accuracy.  Watch the video below.

In this Monday Mulligan, PGA Head Pro Dillon Joslyn shows you the best practices to repair divots and ballmarks as you play.  Watch the video below.
HEBGC's PGA Head Pro, Dillon Joslyn, shows you a putting distance drill and best practices you can use to improve your game!  Watch the video below.
PGA Pro Jason Franke, shows us the rules for when you have an unplayable lie in a bunker, including the new rule for 2019!  Watch the video below.