Scorecard & Hole By Hole Aerials

Scorecard & Hole By Hole Aerials

Scorecard & Hole By Hole Aerial Videos


Beautiful Aerial Layouts Of All 18 Holes At Heritage Eagle Bend Golf Club!


Hole # 1 Par 4 385 Yards

A wonderful view of the surrounding area will start your day from the tee box of this 385-yard, par 4. This hole will allow the golfer to ease their way into the round. With a relatively level green a good score can get you off on the right foot. Don't let this green factor into your decision for the following 17 greens.


Hole # 2 Par 5 576 Yards

Playing downhill and normally downwind this par 5, 576-yard hole can add to the good start on hole #1. Carry the left fairway bunker and you will be left with a relatively short second shot. The fairway ends and begins again so pick you aiming spot carefully. Short and right is ideal as a large bunker on the left guards the majority of the green.



Hole # 4 Par 4 396 Yards

A Players Hole! At 396-yards, this par 4 will test both your drive and approach shots. Keep the driver in the bag and play a long iron or 3-wood to the front of the lake. This will leave about 135 - 150 yards to the green. The lake wraps around the back of the green, so stays short and left of any pin location.


Hole # 5 Par 4 422 Yards

Three bunkers guard the fairway on this par 4, 422-yard hole. Carry the left bunker with a slight fade and you will discover the majority of the fairway. The green is one of the largest and longest. Calculate your yardage correctly as this three tiered green can guarantee a three putt if in the wrong place.

Video Of The Club At Heritage Eagle Bend Golf Club From All Different Angles!