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2021 Ladies 9-Hole Social Membership

2021 HEBGC Ladies’ 9 Hole Golf Subcommittee
General Information Sheet 

1. Members should be able to average a score of 65 or less for 9 holes at HEBGC in order to maintain the required pace of play.
2. The membership fee is $70 for membership in the 9 hole league.  This fee is reduced to $30 if you will be signing up for a 2nd league at HEBGC.  See below for more information.
3. New for 2021 is a social membership in the 9 hole league.  This fee is $20.  
4. We will play on Thursday mornings from May 13th to October 14th.  Tee times will begin in the early morning.  League play is usually done by 10:30 am.
5. Regular green fees and cart fees are paid directly to the Pro Shop only on the days that you are signed up to play.
6. All members will pay $3 into a weekly prize pot only on the days they are signed up to play.  
7. We play by USGA Rules of Golf.  No mulligans or gimmies, and all strokes including whiffs and penalty strokes must be counted.  To keep pace of play, the HEBGC Ladies’ 9 Hole Golf Subcommittee plays by the “Circle 10’s rule” as described in the league handbook.
8. The league will again be joining five (5) other local 9 hole leagues in a golf exchange program that will include playing once a month on non-league days at other courses.  Participation in this program is optional and spots are filled on a first come basis by signing up separately for each event.  

“One League Membership” 
This option refers to members who choose to belong to only one (1) ladies' league at HEBGC.  GHIN and bookkeeping fees, which are assessed for each member by the Pro Shop are included in the $70 membership fee for the 9 hole league.

“Dual League Membership” 
This option exists for women who choose to play in two (2) ladies’ leagues at HEBGC.  With this option, the player will pay full membership to her HEBGC 18 hole league of choice and she will pay a reduced fee of $30 to the HEBGC Ladies’ 9 hole Golf Subcommittee.  The GHIN fee is collected by the 18 hole league and that fee is charged only once per lady per season.  Women who hold a dual membership shall maintain all rights of play, the right to hold office, and the right to win prizes in both leagues.

“Social Membership” 
This option is for women who wish to participate socially with the 9 hole league, but do not want to have full membership to play weekly golf. This membership would include playing golf on the first and last day of the season and participate in all social events that do not include golf. The fee for social membership is $20.