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Golf League & Group Information

Golf League & Group Information

  • The HEB Monday Morning Golf Program is open to all male HEB residents.  The purpose of the group is to have a casual round of golf with fellow residents that you may or may not know.  If can be a great way to meet new friends, neighbors, and other golfers you do not normally play with.  The group operates from mid-March through mid-November pending weather conditions.  There are no fees to play and players are under no obligation to play from week to week.  Tee times are allocated to the group by the golf shop and range from 7:30am-1:00pm depending on the time of year.
  • Larry Place - 303.617.5419 -
  • MMM is a 9-hole group for all HEB resident ladies who want to play fun golf, all skill levels are welcome.  There are no membership fees or prizes.  Only keep score if you want to!  Signups are weekly and you only pay as you play.
  • Sally Webster - 720.939.0835 -
  • The community is invited to play on Monday evenings.  This is a 9-hole scramble event.  This is a non-competitive group, except for bragging rights, and is open to all levels of golfer.  A small entry fee is required and prizes are awarded on a drawing basis.  Runs May to September.
  • Larry & Marsha Comstock - 720.733.8100 or 303.999.1575 -
  • The Heritage Eagle Bend Women's Golf Association (HEBWGA) was formed in 2001 by five ladies.  The league has grown over the years and has an active membership of ladies who enjoy playing competitive golf.  Any woman who is a homeowner or renter and has an established maximum handicap index of 40.4 or lower, is encouraged to join the WGA League.  Additionally, women players who do not currently have a handicap index are welcome to join the WGA as long as they establish a handicap of 40.4 or lower by May 15, 2021.  The HEBWGA plays a weekly fun tournament with tee times beginning at 7:30am each Tuesday morning, May through September.  Players sign up for play each week through the Golf Genius portal accessed through the Heritage Eagle Bend Golf Club website.  Pairings are sent out on the Monday prior to each Tuesday event.  The deadline for signing up to play each week is the Sunday before play day at 5:00pm.  Annual League events include a Spring and Fall Luncheon and General Meeting, a themed Member-Guest tournament followed by a luncheon, a Women's Golf League Championship tournament and a Holiday Social Event (all subject to COVID-19 restrictions).  The Women's Golf League Championship is flighted by handicap and includes a trophy presentation following the tournament.  A season long ringer score sheet is kept throughout the season for each player in the league.  The ringer score sheet is a season long record of a player's best score on each hole during weekly play days.  A hole-in-one fund is established each season to support ladies who get a hole-in-one during a league play day.  A round of drinks for everyone (up to a $200 limit) will be served on the day the hole-in-one is made.
  • Amy Zook - 303.881.7671 -
  • If you enjoy golfing in a relaxed environment, this is the group for you.  We play for the enjoyment of the game, to increase our skills and knowledge of the rules, to meet new golf partners, and to have fun!  This league plays every Tuesday morning from May through September.  The maximum handicap index is 50.  If you do not currently have handicap, you must establish one to maintain membership in the league.  This requires posting score for three (3) 18-hole rounds no later than the end of May 2021 to establish a trend.  These rounds do not have to be played at HEB.  Note:  Two 9-hole rounds can be combined to count for an 18-hole round.  There will be no refund of the 2021 annual league fee if the maximum handicap index of 50 is not achieved.
  • Sue Matteson - 517.745.0180 -
  • The Senior Interclub Team plays competitive home and away matches with other golf clubs.  The league schedule generally includes Pinery CC, Red Rocks CC, The Ridge, Spring Valley, Colorado Springs CC, Glenmoor CC, Perry Park CC, and Valley CC.  The HEB roster consists on approximately 70 individuals who have a USGA handicap index of 26.0 or less.  Each match consists of 12 players from each club and we use a blind draw to make player selections when a particular match over-subscribed.  The format is two man best ball match play and 90% ofyour course handicap is in effect.
  • Dennis Lumley - 303.841.3193 -
  • Dave Burnett - 303.919.8375 -
  • The Men's Golf Association promotes the enjoyment of golf through competition, fellowship and sportsmanship.  Beginning in mid-April and continuing through September, every Wednesday a different format is played.  Three tee boxes are used so players of all abilities and levels can compete fairly and enjoy their round of golf.
  • Paul Sedillo - 303.841.4400 -
  • Larry Cotter - 303.680.8344 -
  • Dick Prahl - 303.880.9705 -
  • Bob Cartmell - 303.619.2644 -
  • Reed Ahlquist - 303.841.3408 -
  • If you prefer to not play 18 holes because of time commitment, health issues or just want to keep your game lively in a non-competitive environment, this league is for you.  We play Thursday mornings from mid-May to mid-October.  Members should be able to average a score of 65 or less for 9 holes at HEBGC.  Special events include a Spring brunch, Friendship (member/guest) day, and an end of season brunch (all subject to COVID-19 restrictions).  The league also joins with 5 other local 9-hole leagues in a golf exchange program that includes playing once a month, on non-league days, at other courses.  Participation is optional and is filled on a first come basis as a separate event.
  • Phyllis Matthews - 303.761.7812 or 303.941.2074 - 
  • Thursday Nights at 5pm, May to early September, casual fun golf evening for those who work or anyone who wants to play 9 holes of golf.  No Handicap needed.
  • Fred Smith - 303.699.6108 -
  • The Eagle Bend Golf Association (EBGA) is open to residents who are in good standing with the Master Association and maintain a current GHIN handicap index.  Five fun events are played on Sundays from May to September.  Events are structured with foursomes consisting of two couples per team.  Events are followed by an optional lunch or dinner (all subject to COVID-19 restrictions).  As most of you know the entire 2020 EBGA calendar was cancelled due to the COVID environment.  Two factors will determine if we will have EBGA events in 2021:  (1) can we have shotgun starts and (2) will we be able to accommodate all or most of the golfers that would like to have lunch or dinner following the golf.  Tentative dates for events are May 23, Jun-27, July-25, Aug-22, and Sept-19.
  • Lori Foglia - 303.909.7469 : Dick Ebdon - 770.331.2375
  • Sherrie Gambrell - 720.260.0125 : Parmer Gillespie - 303.324.3630
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