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Club Notice

COVID-19 Announcement

As a result of the growing pandemic, all events have been cancelled at the Clubhouse.  We will keep everyone informed as the situation develops.

Jennifer Stoneking is available to plan your future events at the Clubhouse.  She can easily be reached at
Important Club Reminders for Our Residents
Logging Onto the Website
Much information is found on the Resident Only side of the website.  If you are re-financing or selling, it will be required of you to obtain the HEBGC Community Financials and Guidelines that are on the Resident side.  If you are new to the Community, there is a great deal of information that will be helpful to you.  Don't Wait!  Get logged on today.
Your username is your email.  Passwords must be at least 10 characters long and include an uppercase character and a number.

WHO AND WHAT: The Lamplighters are resident volunteers who will change exterior lights for residents who are unable to change their own. Specifically, the Lamplighters will change:
  1. Lamp post and garage lights for Traditions and Village residents.
  2. Only lamp post lights for residents in single family homes.
If your post light or garage lights (for Traditions and Village residents) are not working, you can call the HEB Welcome Desk and one of our volunteers will come and replace the bulbs. Please check that the GFI circuit (normally on an electrical outlet just inside the garage door) has not been tripped before you call about a post light. On most HEB homes, the GFI circuit provides power to the post light and can only be reset at night when the garage lights are on. If you have any questions about the Lamplighters or your lights, please call Jerry Gossner at (303) 680-5946.

Please contact the Welcome Desk at (303) 693-7788 to request bulb replacement.

Driveway Ramps
Driveway ramps are allowed in the community with notification to the Admin Office. To notify the HOA about your driveway ramp, contact us at (720) 235-1827 or

After each snow, please remove the cones to preserve the look of the community.  Cones may be put back prior to each snow.

No Overnight Street Parking
For overnight parking, please ensure all vehicles are parked either in your garage or on the driveway for those who have driveways.  Overflow parking is available for 48 hours in the Clubhouse parking lot by sending an email to the Admin office to either Laura or Diane: or and putting a note on your dash. We appreciate everyone's help in keeping the streets clear.

The speed limit throughout HEB is 25 MPH. Please drive carefully!

Dogs & Pets
Pocket Parks -- 
Just a reminder the HEB pocket parks are not dog parks. Please ensure your dog remains on a leash whenever outside of your home.
Dogs on Leashes -- Dogs must be leashed whenever outside of the home. There is a limit of 3 dogs per household, as we follow the City of Aurora Rules & Regulations.
Dog Doo -- It is important to pick up immediately after your pet. Please ensure bags are put in a trash can and not down the sewer drains.

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