Weekly News from the Club

Weekly News from the Club

News for the Upcoming Week & Beyond

September 3, 2018 at the Outside Pool

Tickets (includes buffet, tax, gratuity, & entertainment):
Adults - $30
Children (4-12yrs) - $15
at the Welcome Desk 303-693-7788

Join us on Labor Day for the Ultimate Luau with Kalama Polynesian Dancers!  Everyone will be greeted with Lei's and picture opportuniity with Lei Greeters.

Luau starts at 4pm, Buffet starts at 4:30pm
Mixed green salad, pickled onions, mango dressing, roasted tomatoes
Suckling pig, pulled pork
Chicken Luau
Grilled vegetables
Hawaiian fried rice
Assorted fruit & desserts

Live pre-show music with the Kalama Band, then the Big Show starts at 5:30pm with Polynesian Dancers, Audience Participation, and a Fire Show!  Don't Miss It!

Speed Radar 8/2-8/9 on S. Buchanan Way
Total Vehicle Count - 6977
Number of Speed Limit Violations - 2974
Average Vehicle Speed - 24 mph

Upcoming Golf Tournaments at HEBGC
August 19 - Austin Jay
August 24 - Western States Printing Alliance

August 25 - American Legion
August 31 - Sigma Phi Epsilon Colorado Area

CAL Fall Term 2018 Registration is Now Open
Go to the CAL page (www.heritageeaglebend.com/cal) on the HEB Resident website to learn about classes and to register.

CAL Registration has two phases:
  1. Register online anytime from Thursday, August 16 (after 6:30pm) through Wednesday, August 22. Admission to over-subscribed classes will be determined by random selection at the end of this open enrollment period.
  2. Register for classes with openings on a first come first serve basis from Thursday, August 23 through Wednesday, August 29. CAL members will be notified of all class openings on August 23.
Classes begin the week of September 10.
If you have questions, please send us an email at cal@calforheb.com

Dear HEBGC Baseball & Rockies Fans,
I am happy to share the 2018 Colorado Rockies' Seniors Day schedule

Our group ticket price this season will be an incredible $11.  There will be a $2 charge per order for processing and handling.

**ALL Seniors Day start times will be 1:10**

Thursday, August 23 Padres
Monday, Sept 3 Giants
Sunday, Sept 9 Dodgers
Thursday, Sept 13 D-Backs
Thursday, Sept 27 Phillies
Sunday, Sept 30 Nationals
Tickets in Sections 144-147, $11 each--on 3b side

Feel free to share this information with other baseball/Rockies fans and let me hear from you **by phone, text, or email** with game selections, questions, or suggestions.
Consider purchasing Rockies tickets for your friends, children, grandkids or, hey, for yourself!  What a great bargain for 2018 family fun!
Ed McKee - 202.251.6386
Note: For just $4.50 round trip (senior fare), you can take RTD light rail from Lincoln Station (in Parker/Lone Tree) to Union Station, just a short walk from Coors Field.  Consider it... RTD is an excellent option!

Blood Drive Next Friday, 8/24 - What's YOUR Type?
No matter your blood type, we can use YOU!  HEBGC will be hosting a long-awaited blood drive next Friday in the clubhouse.  As many of you know, our summer drive was cancelled so we're anxious to help replenish local blood supplies.  If you've always thought about donating but just haven't, maybe now is the time.  Contact June Goddard at 303-549-9739 or Clint Smythe at 303-501-7444 with questions or to make an appointment.  If you need to change a previously-scheduled appointment, please contact one of us directly.  Thanks!

Passport to the Arts / Cultural Events

Theater:  Checks made out to DCPA
Love Never Dies, Oct. 28, Sunday, 2PM  (Phantom of the Opera Sequel)
Xanadu, Nov. 10, Saturday 2PM
Come from Away, Nov. 25, Sunday 2PM
Cirque – Hotel, Dec 22, Saturday 2PM
A Bronx Tale, Jan 13, Sunday 2PM

NEXT SEASON: Coming up:  Rock of Ages, Hello Dolly, CATS, Wicked, Fiddler on the Roof, and much much more.

Sign-ups and checks made out to DCPA in the Cultural Book in the Clubhouse Library. I have to purchase these tickets well in advance to get these prices, so PLEASE sign up early!! Tickets MUST be ordered MONTHS in advance to get the Senior / Group rates, so please sign up and leave a check NOW!

Bus Tours: Let’s learn about BEER, Aug 31, $30/pp 
Hey Guys, you drink it, now let's learn more about it - A Bus Tour all about BEER!!
Join Denver History Tours for a look at the golden glasses once drunk more frequently than water and learn how beer changed our future forever. Breweries lost and others long working, we'll explore it all. Friday 31 Aug 9:30 - 3 pm.

These trips are always fun and informative, so sign up NOW in the pink Cultural Book in the Library.  The bus trips checks are made out to Valerie Ness.  Thank you.
The HEB Founder's Club will be holding their 16th Anniversary breakfast on Saturday, September 8 at 9:00am.  It will be held in the Humboldt room and we will be having a breakfast buffet.
If you have any questions please contact one this year's committee members: 
Lou & Ron Polakowski 303-693-9379; Gaby & Mickey Manfre 303-632-5350; Judy Vercauteren & Joe Hogan 303-693-0775 or Carol & Ed Criss 303-400-0347.
We are hoping that all our Founders will be able to attend.

Reminder to Residents
Please be with children and guests on the Bocce Courts at all times.  We have noticed that unsupervised non-residents have been using the courts. Thank you.

If your trees in your Tree Lawn (area between sidewalk and street) have over-hanging branches on the sidewalks, please be certain to trim them to allow walkers to pass by. 

Mailbox Post Stain Color

Cider Mill, SW 3512 semi-transparent stain

Is your mailbox post in need of staining?  If yes, the semi-transparent stain can be purchased at any Sherwin Williams paint store.
Need assistance with the staining?  Check the Service Directory in the monthly newsletter for handymen for hire.  Thank you!

Lamp Posts:

Post Paint:  The paint for the lamp post is a Rustoleum product called Rusty Metal Primer and can be found in most hardware stores.  Please check to see if your lamp posts needs painted.  If you need assistance, please check the Service Directory in the monthly newsletter for handymen for hire.

New Glass:  You can order new glass inserts at the Welcome Desk at the Clubhouse.  the cost is $10 per glass insert and can be picked up at the Welcome Desk when ready.  If you wish to have the glass installed for you, there is a $5 installation fee and will take about 48 hours to complete.


Please do not park along in front of the Bocce Courts.  That is not a sanctioned parking area.  We will be tagging cars that park there.  Please park in the parking lot.  Thank You.

Grab this opportunity to meet your neighbors and fellow HEB residents!  Join our Dinner for 8 Group which is open to couples and singles who enjoy socializing and meeting new people.
Groups of 8 are randomly formed every six months, January to June and July to December.  Each group meets four times during that six month period, with each couple (or two singles or one single) hosting one dinner party in their home.  The groups are then reshuffled and a new group of 8 is formed for the next six month period.
This group is NOT about gourmet cooking or who razzle dazzles in the kitchen.  It is about meeting new people, making new friends and acquaintances, and getting together with folks whose path one may not otherwise cross.  The idea is for this group to be informal, casual, and friendly.  The host couple provides the entree and beverages, the other couples provide salad, apps, dessert, a side, whatever else is needed to complete the meal.
If you are intersted in joining us or would like more information please contact: Joyce Thomson - colobrit@hotmail.com

Please be aware as so many Architectural Submittals are coming in now, the Architectural Advisory Committee has 45 days to review your submittal.  If your submittal is complete and easy to read and understand, the committee generally approves within 1-2 weeks.  The submittals are sent electronically to the committee members, so providing the proper and clear information allows for them to approve quickly.  Items that assist include completed AAC Submittal forms, pictures, vendor you are using, samples of color or materials, plot plan, neighbor signatures, etc.

We have had residents coming in who have already found someone to do the work before they are submitted.  As the submittals come in and are handled in order, please be aware to get your approval before trying to start a project.
Thank you.

Lamp Lighter service is just a phone call away.

There are 13 volunteer residents known as Lamp Lighters who will replace lamp post light bulbs for all residences as well as exterior garage light bulbs for duplexes and town homes.  There is no cost for the service and the HOA supplies the bulbs.  Please contact the Welcome Desk at 303-693-7788 to request bulb replacement.

If you have any questions about Lamplighters or your lights, please contact Jerry Gossner at 303-680-5946.

Reminder, if you are selling your house, have your realtor call the Admin Building to find out rules for signs, etc.  We only allow the small metal signs (not the large wooden signs with the arm).  They need to be placed parallel to the house and up by the house (not down by the street).  Thank you for following the rules.

Golf carts can only be driven by someone with a current Driver's License.  That means children should not be driving golf carts.  Every year, we have reports that residents have children on their lap driving the golf carts or let them drive themselves.  Please keep everyone in the Community safe this year!  Thank you!

It's RV time!  Remember the rules please.  48 hours only in front of your home.  An additional 48 hours with permit from the Welcome Desk can be obtained for parking in the RV section of the Clubhouse parking lot.  Your neighbors will appreciate if you follow these rules.  Thank you!

Renting Your Home?
There are many rules and regulations to follow including following the Age Restriction at all times.  Please contact Diane Langley in the HOA Admin office before considering this so we can make sure we have everything we need and all parties understand the process.  You as the owner are responsible for everything that occurs in the home so you want to be informed.  Thank you!

Before you make this decision, have you thought everything out?  Do they have additional vehicles that you don't have room for?  Are you gone from your home on vacations etc. and would be leaving them unattended?  Do they have pets that might be an issue?  Will having them in your home be a violation of the Age Restriction?  Many times they aren't aware of the rules that we follow here and this becomes an issue for everyone.  Just some things to consider.  Thank you!

New Homeowners and Residents who have moved from one home to another in HEBGC be sure to contact Diane Langley, Community Manager, at 720-235-1826, to setup your required New Homeowner Orientation.  This is required for our Age Restriction and is a great way for you to learn about your Community.

Logging Onto the Website
Much information is found on the Member Only side of the website.  If you are re-financing or selling, it will be required of you to obtain the HEBGC Community Financials and Guidelines that are on the Member side.  If you are new to the Community, there is a great deal of information there that will be helpful to you.  Don't Wait!  Get logged on today!
Email Jeff Lambert with a username and password (case sensitive) you would like to use at jlambert@heritageeaglebend.com.