Heritage Eagle Bend Golf Club

Heritage Eagle Bend Golf Club


Ladies 9 Hole Golf League

Ladies 9 Hole Golf league meets every week and those interested in joining are welcome to do so by contacting Mary Galvin.

Ladies 9 Pairings/Results June 2017

Ladies 9 June 2017

Ladies 9 Hole League June 2017

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6-29-17 Pairings

6-22-17 Results

6-22-17 Results Sheet

6-22-17 Pairings

6-15-17 Results

6-15-17 Results Sheet

6-15-17 Pairings

6-8-17 Friendship Day Results

6-8-17 Friendship Day Pairings

6-1-17 Results

6-1-17 Results Sheet

6-1-17 Pairings

The mental side of golf is so important.  Golf is 90% mental and 10% physical.  Here are a couple things you can do to improve your mental game on the golf course.

  1. Remain positive on the golf course.  Never let a poor shot influence your next shot. Instead, think of the next shot as an opportunity to hit a great recovery shot.
  2. Every shot stands alone.  If you are able to take your round one shot at a time, you will never get ahead of yourself.  Golf is about staying in the moment.
  3. Visualize your shots.  See the shot you want to hit in your mind and let your body make the swing necessary for the shot. 
  4. Stay confident.  Make sure you are ready to hit every shot during your round.  Don't get over a shot without a plan.  This is a recipe for disaster.
Friendship Day June 8, 2017.  To Save Pic, right click pic and open in new tab.






































Ladies 9 Pairings/Results May 2017

Ladies 9 Pairings/Results May 2017

Ladies 9 Hole League Pairings/Results May 2017

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5-25-17 Results

5-25-17 Results Sheet

5-25-17 Pairings

5-18-17 Pairings

5-11-17 Pairings

5-4-17 9 Hole Pairings

5-4-17 Results

5-4-17 Results Sheet

Jack's Tip of the Week

The most fundamental part of golf is keeping your head down.  It is important for every facet of the game. Whether you're hitting a long drive or a short putt, keeping your head still allows you to make solid contact consistently.  One drill you can do is to draw a line with chalk an inch behind your ball; if you don't have chalk, you can pick a piece of grass to focus on.  This should be your focal point throughout the swing.  By doing this, you will ensure you keep your head down all the way through impact.  Hopefully this tip will help you hit the ball more consistently.  

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