Heritage Eagle Bend Golf Club

Heritage Eagle Bend Golf Club


Ladies 9 Hole Golf League

Ladies 9 Hole Golf league meets every week and those interested in joining are welcome to do so by contacting Mary Galvin.

Ladies 9 Pairings/Results May 2017

Ladies 9 Pairings/Results May 2017

5-18-17 Pairings

5-11-17 Pairings

5-4-17 9 Hole Pairings

5-4-17 Results

5-4-17 Results Sheet

  • Remember to bring your $3.00 for the game

Jack's Tip of the Week

Putting is the most important part of the game.  Good putting makes up for other flaws in your game and will always lead to lower scores.  There is no right or wrong way to putt, but there are a couple of things all good putters do.  

1.     Good putters have their eyes over the ball.  This helps the putter visualize the line she wants the ball to roll on.  Also, having your eyes over the ball helps you to get into a natural posture and position to make the best stroke possible.  One way you can check this is by setting up to a putt and dropping a ball from your eyes.  Check to see where it lands.

2.     You always want the ball to roll end over end.  One way to make sure you are hitting good putts is to draw a straight line on your ball; this line should roll end over end on every putt.

3.     You want your follow-through to be as long as your backstroke.  This will help you with the tempo of the stroke and improve your speed control.

There are plenty of ways to get the ball in the hole.  Hopefully these putting fundamentals will help you on the course.

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