Heritage Eagle Bend Golf Club

Heritage Eagle Bend Golf Club

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There are no classes scheduled at this time.  Please check back or keep an eye out for future emails.

Giovanni's Background

Born in a small farming community in eastern England, Giovanni has always been around farm to table food. Having an English mother and an Italian father, most summers were spent in the south of Italy where the other half of his family was from. Spending time making wine on the family’s farm and enjoying the food Italy has to offer. Always working in restaurants and hotels since the age of 15, the culinary career really took off at the age of 19 when Giovanni choose to enter the apprenticeship through the American Culinary Federation. Upon completing the three year program, becoming a certified chef, and also a degree in hotel and restaurant management, the hunt was on to climb the ladder and achieve the first Executive Chef job. That was accomplished at 24 years of age in a fine dining restaurant and continued on the same path when returning to the hotel industry. Having cooked in various states, doing seasonal food pairings for wine tastings in California and Washington, and traveling annually back to Europe; the thirst for knowledge continues to grow.