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News from the Club Feb. 16
February 16th 2018 -

News for the Upcoming Week & Beyond

Dance With the DJ

Tuesday, February 20, 2018
7:00-9:00pm, Antero Room, Doors Open at 6:30pm

Tickets $10 per person
Tickets Go On Sale at the Welcome Desk at 8am on Monday, January 29
Please join us for dinner in the Eagle's Nest prior to the dance!  Make your dinner reservations with the Welcome Desk.  303-693-7788



Blood donors needed - Friday 2/23/18
The need for blood donations never takes a winter break.  We are once again calling on our dedicated community to fill the following open appointments for Friday's blood drive:
8:20; 8:30; 9:00 (2); 9:20; 10:00; 10:50; 11:10; 12:50; 1:00 (2); 1:10 and 1:20
Can you help?  It's possibly far quicker and easier than you think.  Contact June Goddard at 303-549-9739 or Clint Smythe at 303-501-7444 if you'd like to be part of our team.  And remember, if you already have an appointment that needs to be changed or cancelled, please call June or Clint (rather than Bonfils) at the numbers shown above. 

The CAL Spring Kickoff is Sat., Feb. 24, at 10 AM in the Antero Room of the HEBGC clubhouse. Facilitators will present 10 courses for the spring term beginning the week of March 26.  Registration for CAL courses begins online at noon on Feb. 24, and ends at 5 PM on Feb. 28.  Course vacancies will be announced Monday March 5, and the deadline to enroll for vacancies is Wed., March 7 at 5 PM. In preparation for the CAL Registration that begins Feb. 24, we have sent this same eblast to everyone on the CAL gmail list. If you did not receive the email, please check your spam/junk folder or email Fred a to be added to the CAL gmail list.






Lamp Lighter service is just a phone call away.

There are 13 volunteer residents known as Lamp Lighters who will replace lamp post light bulbs for all residences as well as exterior garage light bulbs for duplexes and town homes. There is no cost for the service and the HOA supplies the bulbs. Please contact the Welcome Desk at 303-693-7788 to request bulb replacement.

Do you want to save some money???

Replace your photo sensor. If your garage and lamp post lights come on before all your neighbors' lights and stay on after all your neighbors' lights are off, your photo sensor probably needs to be replaced. If your lights are on an extra 4 hours a day it is costing you approximately $25 additional per year. Similarly, if none of your lights work after checking the bulbs and circuit breakers, your photo sensor probably needs to be replaced. These are available at the local hardware stores for about $10. If you need assistance replacing a photo sensor, help is available through Friends of HEB by calling 303-680-5946 or 303-681-0880.

Wet Weather Woes

The recent wet weather has resulted in many additional calls for light bulb replacement. Our post lights weren’t designed for wet, windy weather. Water gets inside and either causes the bulb to fail or trips the GFI circuit in the garage. If you have replaced the bulb in the lamp post and it still doesn’t work, it’s likely the GFI circuit needs to be reset. Remember this can only be done at night after the garage lights have come on.
If you have any questions about Lamplighters or your lights, please contact Jerry Gossner at 303-680-5946.


Renting Your Home?

There are many rules and regulations to follow including following the Age Restriction at all times.  Please contact Diane Langley or Wendy Stofa in the HOA Admin Office before considering this so we can make sure we have everything we need and all parties understand this process.  You as the owner are responsible for everything that occurs in the home so you want to be informed.  Thank you!


Before you make this decision, have you thought everything out?  Do they have additional vehicles that you don’t have room for?  Are you gone from your home on vacations etc. and would be leaving them unattended?  Do they have pets that might be an issue?  Will having them in your home be a violation of the Age Restriction?  Many times they aren’t aware of the rules that we follow here and this becomes an issue for everyone.  Just some things to consider.  Thank you!

 New Homeowners and Residents who have moved from one home to another in HEBGC be sure to contact Diane Langley, Assistant Community Manager, at 720-235-1826 to setup your required New Homeowner Orientation.  This is required for our Age Restriction and is a great way for you to learn about your community.

Logging On to the Website

Much information is found on the Resident-Only side of the Website.  If you are re-financing or selling, it will be required of your to obtain the HEBGC Community Financials & Guidelines that are on the Resident Side.  If you are new to the community, there is a great deal of information there that will be helpful to you.  Don't Wait!  Get logged on today!
Email Jeff Lambert with a username and password (case sensitive) at or call him at 720-235-1857,
If you are submitting E-Blast articles, please email them directly to Jeff Lambert.  If you have photos or a video link you want included, please send that along to him in the email (5 photos max.)